MDOT gives tips on preparing to drive in cold weather

MDOT gives driving tips ahead of cold temperatures.
MDOT gives driving tips ahead of cold temperatures.(Source: WDAM)
Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 7:29 PM CST
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Drivers may want to take some time before heading out the door Tuesday morning to make sure their vehicles are prepared for cold weather.

It’s taken some time but cold temperatures have made their way into the Pine Belt.

According to MDOT, keeping a winter weather kit in the car during the winter months is a good way to ensure safety in case of a winter weather emergency.

“If you have a windshield scraper, that’s a good thing to have in your car in case you have to clear your windows should they freeze up,” said MDOT Public Information Officer David Kenney. “Also, flashlights, jumper cables are always good to have. Keep a bottle of water, maybe some snacks, a blanket in your back seat just as a precaution just in case you need it if you do have to spend an extended amount of time in your vehicle.”

MDOT also encourages drivers to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained before hitting the road during the cold weather.

”Make sure your vehicle battery is charged,” Kenney said. “Clean and flush out, you know, your anti-freeze maybe you might think about that. Get your brakes checked... make sure you’re going to be able to stop in time if you are on a slick surface. And also make sure that your heater and defrost and wipers all work because those are used more when the weather conditions are colder.”

Additionally, MDOT says drivers should eliminate distractions and allow themselves enough time to get to their destinations.

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