Woman beating odds with unexpected pregnancy, set to welcome 3rd set of twins

A Louisiana woman is beating the odds with expecting her third set of twins in two years. (Source: WAFB)
Published: Mar. 16, 2022 at 6:06 PM CDT
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BAKER. La. (WAFB/Gray News) - A Louisiana woman is on the path to giving birth to her third set of twins in two years, something doctors say is unbelievable.

Courtney Spears is expecting her latest set of twins this summer, joining their five other brothers and sisters, reported by WAFB.

“We have twins in our family, but I wasn’t expecting for me to be the one to have the twins, so it was exciting when we first found out about the boys,” Spears said.

Spears and her husband, Everett Jones, welcomed their first set of twins, Ethan and Curtis, in September 2020.

Spears says Ethan is the busy body of the two, with Curtis tending to be calmer. The identical 17-month-olds are both toddling with chubby faces, eager squeals and giggles.

“Identical twins Curtis and Ethan were born in September 2020.”
“Identical twins Curtis and Ethan were born in September 2020.”(Courtney Spears)

They were only a few months old when mom and dad got another surprise. Spears was pregnant and again expecting twins. In July of 2021, girls Emory and Cassidy arrived.

“Cassidy is a little feistier than Emory. Emory is the smallest one and is trying to get the hang of things,” Spears said.

The girls, while not identical, resemble their brothers and big sister Emanie, who is five. At 7 months old, they’re just starting to sit up and crawl, with walking appearing to be in the near future.

”Twin girls Cassidy and Emory were born in July 2021.”
”Twin girls Cassidy and Emory were born in July 2021.”(Courtney Spears)

With five kids, the couple said they were content with their big family, and Spears made the decision to undergo tubal ligation. However, someone, or rather two someones, had other plans.

“With this set, I thought they were showing me a picture from one of them, and it was a joke. It was not a joke,” Spears said.

Spears said she found out she had conceived just before the procedure a few weeks after the surgery. The pregnancy was so early it went undetected before the surgery. When she went in later to be checked out, Spears learned she was once again expecting twins.

Woman’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic Dr. Pamela Simmons says the odds of having twins spontaneously, or without fertility intervention, are one in 1,000. And for something like this to happen three times in two years is unprecedented.

Spears said she knows it must seem overwhelming from the outside, but she and her husband are happy with their big family. They have a routine that keeps everything flowing and family to help out while mom and dad are working.

The couple said they are looking for a new vehicle that can handle seven car seats but have almost everything needed already for the latest set of twins.

“It’s fun, tiring. Of course, having one kid is tiring, but it’s fun,” Spears said. “They make us laugh, just seeing the different things they do every day.”

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