Mothers are donating their breast milk during baby formula shortage

Published: May. 4, 2022 at 10:54 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s a difficult time for many new parents right now due to the shortage of baby formula.

For many mothers who cannot breast feed, they are left searching for ways to feed their hungry newborns

Empty shelves in the baby formula aisles have many mothers who can’t breast feed asking, What am I going to do?

At a local milk bank, 100 ml of breast milk can cost a parent $12. Which means by the time a child is 6 months old and drinking 720 ml per day, a family could spend $72 dollar per day on food alone; something many new parents can’t afford.

Vicksburg mother of two, Daphyne Keathley, found her solution on social media.

“I had a really good friend, she was an under supplier and she’s the one who actually found the pages,” Keathley said.

Dozens of Facebook pages and groups help connect mothers who are in need of breast milk with those who have plenty.

That’s where Keathley found Clinton mother of two, Heather Mason.

“I was lucky enough that I overproduced breast milk. I had tons of bags of milk in the freezer that I can’t use and I wanted to help one of those moms that can’t feed her child because there’s a formula shortage,” Mason said.

Mason said she donated several weeks worth of breast milk to Keathley and other mothers in the area.

“I would feel horrible profiting off of something that would hurt another mom. Because I know how expensive it is to raise children,” Mason explained.

Keathley said those who have donated have had a large impact on her family and is grateful for the help people are willing to give away their “liquid gold” rather than taking it to a milk bank.

“It’s a relief, because then I don’t have to go and struggle and try to find it and find formula or afford it. It means the world because instead of just throwing it away or pouring it out, it can go and heal help another baby thrive,” Keathley said.

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