Memorial Day observances in Vicksburg

Published: May. 30, 2022 at 8:18 PM CDT
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VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - Thousands of people at the Vicksburg National Military park honored over 17,000 troops that made the ultimate sacrifice.

“All gave some, but some gave all, and this freedom that we enjoy so gracefully, you know, it’s not free,” said Willie Glasper, who organizes Vicksburg military events.

Some gave all — those words ring in the air in Vicksburg this Memorial Day as folks from across the county remember fallen soldiers.

“Dating back to the Civil War, a lot of people died here, fighting for their beliefs,” said U.S. Marine Corp., Nolan Smith. “And that’s what the that’s what we fought for, our beliefs, our way of life. And it’s great.”

Today, dozens of veterans came together to honor those who fought along side them but didn’t come home.

The day began with a parade through the downtown area, then a memorial church service at the auditorium, and to finish, a wreath-laying ceremony inside of the military park.

Vicksburg veterans say there are two things that make this Memorial Day special: it’s the first time in two years many get to honor them in person and because of the park’s history.

“It’s very special to be out here on the hallowed ground again, to be able to do this because we, as you said, we were unable to do it,” said Army National Guard Rick Martin.

“For two years, we couldn’t do anything,” Smith said. “We couldn’t go conjugate together. We couldn’t go celebrate one another. So today’s especially good.”

Along with the events, families visited the graves of soldiers, paying their respects to their grandfathers, parents, and brothers who lost their lives fighting for their beliefs.

Veterans say there is something beautiful about remembering them in such a way.

“You know that taps are being played, you know, it sort of puts a little cheer to your body, you know, that you’re actually doing something worthwhile, and recognizing people who really deserve it, giving them some gratitude,” Glasper said.

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