Record heat on the way: How to stay cool without blowing the budget

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 6:34 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In the Jackson metro this week, we’re predicted to see temperatures up to 100 degrees — record temperatures for the month of June.

While many residents think turning down the air conditioner is the answer, experts said there are better ways to cool off without blowing your budget.

“The compressor is your main electrical drawl. That’s what’s throwing your electrical bill up,” Ben Nalty, President of Environment Masters, said.

The price of heat and sunshine is not cheap. Air conditioners running on full blast could put a hurt on your wallet.

However, Ben Nalty with Environment Masters said there are ways to keep money in your bank account, starting by making changes inside your home.

“Close all your blinds, close all your curtains, get the sun out of your house, in any way that you can. It’s a huge component, and in terms of temperature, I’m sure you can shave five degrees off easy if you have all the windows in your house covered,” Nalty explained.

The majority of energy comes in through doors and windows. That’s why Nalty suggested to invest in protection.

“If you live in an old house, weatherstrip your doors and windows. If you have doors that enter in your attic space, weatherstrip seal them up, insulate the back of the door. These types of things actually help a lot more than you think.”

Once your inside is protected, experts say go outside and take a look at the unit itself.

“There’s going to be dirt and debris flying all over your air conditioning unit outside, which makes the actual heat exchange more difficult. Wash your air conditioner off, gotta take a hose, wash it off,” Nalty said.

Nalty said the best way to shave the cost of electricity down is to make your home a little warmer — even in the extreme heat.

“If you can just handle it and put it up 74-75 in the heat of summer, run it a little higher than you’re used to, you’ll get much better production and much better efficiency out of your air conditioner. Leaving your fan on your air conditioner turned on instead of auto you can move some more air.”

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