Some residents use backup plans to handle trash collection during ongoing debate

Published: Apr. 6, 2023 at 7:18 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - You’ve missed at least two trash collection days since Richards Disposal’s trucks stopped rolling in Jackson. Some in the city aren’t leaving their garbage curbside while waiting for the city to resolve the problem.

Like on many Jackson streets, trash has been sitting curbside on North Honeysuckle Lane that’s been since Monday.

“Instead of having it accumulate in the street I’d like for Faith to pick up my trash,” said Dr. Brannon Aden.

The Jackson native turned to her recycling company, “Door2Door Recycling,” to collect her garbage during the trash dispute.

“Since we haven’t been given an indication by the city that this is gonna come to an end before two and a half three months from now I fully anticipate that I’m gonna need to do something over the next several months,” said Aden.

The ophthalmologist expects she’ll need this backup plan for the foreseeable future. The Jackson native recycles and doesn’t have much trash.

She is willing to pay a fee instead of hauling it to drop off sites.

“Today was our first day,” said Door2Door Recycling CEO Faith Young.

The small business owner began doing recycling collection in Jackson when the city ended the service. Young got the idea to transition to trash while on her route Tuesday.

She’s had residents flag her down for the services.

“I saw trash sitting out and I had customers who had trash out as well as recycling, and I was like hey we’re gonna have to figure something out,” said Young. “How can we do this? How can we help the city?”

The company charges a fee for the once a week pickup. The cost covers the $40.00 landfill fee, the garbage weight, the environmental fee and taxes. Aden doesn’t want a backup plan but says she needs one. Her neighbor, Perry Taylor, is also signing up uncertain of when the city will have a contract.

“The contingency should be the government figures out how to pick up trash,” added Aden.

Jackson Communications director Melissa Faith Payne said Mayor Chokwe Lumumba is working on finding a way to offer a credit to residents during the trash collection stoppage.

Door2Door is charging $15.00 for once a week garbage collection. They have started a GoFundMe account to raise money for pickup at the homes of other residents who can not afford to pay for the service.

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Young plans to continue trash collection until the city’s services are restored.

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